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Kleem beej sidhi sadhna

Kleem is a very popular Beej mantra endowed with miraculous powers. Beej mantras are otherwise known as seed sounds or keys to unlock subtle forces. Beej mantras represent and correspond to universal energies. Chanting them helps open up the spiritual planes and tap the mighty energies to attain some incredible benefits.

This mighty beej mantra assists in realizing the stuff that is inhibiting you from achieving your goals. It boosts inner strength and assists the individual to overcome self sabotaging, social inhibitions and anxieties. Kleem mantra is incredibly effective to enhance your physical and mental health.Creates harmony in relationships whether it is friendship, business partnership or love life• Attracts prosperity and happiness to the subjects chanting it• Helps overcome shyness and inhibitions and lets the subjects come over social inhibitions, anxiety and lack of confidence.

Kleem mantra corresponds to the power of Durga or Ma Kali,krishna and kamdev, Though associated with the fierce form of Ma Durga, Kleem mantra is a great attracting force. It unites, binds, bridges gaps and patches up differences. Chanting kleem mantra helps attract people and helps the person achieve anything on the earth.

Chanting kleem mantra helps attract people and helps the person achieve anything on the earth. Since long, Klem mantra has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and the people of other religions. This mantra has been depended on since very long in history for attaining the luxuries of life

The first mantra of the Navratris involves the desire fulfilling (kama-beej) sound of ‘kleem’. This pivotal kleem sound invokes in the individual the desire, movement towards and action of service (bhaja) to Sri Krishna.

There is no other mantra more powerful than Kleem mantra

It helps create harmony in relationships like friendship, love, marriage, business or trade.

—It is a great means to attract prosperity and wealth.

—It overcomes all blocks including personal ones like lack of confidence, social anxiety etc.

—It’s also a great method to improve health especially stress and tension – the recital regulates blood pressure and sleep disorders.

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