Tantra Mantra Vigyaan

Pooja paath ka phal kyu nahi milta

1. If a person wears a gemstone on his fingers without anyone’s advice, it can have adverse effects. Even after worshiping with proper rituals, one cannot get its full results. Therefore, one should not wear any gemstone without the advice of a qualified scholar.

2. In our religious texts, a special type of posture has been mentioned for worship, chanting etc. If the posture is not suitable then it also affects the results obtained from the puja. Therefore, before worshiping or chanting, definitely consult a qualified Pandit about the appropriate posture.

3. Even if someone gets angry, sleeps or criticizes after the puja, the worshiper does not get the results of the puja. Therefore try to avoid these things.

4. Even if there is any Vaastu defect in the house, the full results of the puja are not achieved, no matter how diligently you chant. Therefore, contact a qualified Vastu Shastri for diagnosing Vaastu defects.

5. Even if there is Pitra Dosh, one does not get the results of worship. Therefore, first of all one must consult a qualified Pandit to get rid of these defects.

6. Worship or chanting should be done at a place where everyone’s eyes are not visible. Or worship should be done in one of the rooms of the house.

7. Many times people do not pronounce the pronunciation correctly while chanting the mantra. This can also be a reason for not getting the full results of worship.

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