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Mahavidya Matangi Sadhna

Matangi is considered as an esoteric form of Sarasvati, the goddess of music and learning, and so governs speech, music, knowledge and the arts. She is invoked to acquire supernatural powers, especially for gaining control over one’s enemies, acquiring mastery over the arts and ultimately attaining supreme knowledge.

It helps in gaining self-control and defeat the enemies to pave the path of success. This Homam helps in gaining spiritual insight, learns arts and music, and blesses with grace and divinity.

What is the significance of Goddess Matangi?

Matangi is a very aggressive Goddess, considered the Tantric form of saraswati. Depicted in bright, emerald green, she rules over the fields like knowledge, speech, music and arts. Though considered as the power over such finer aspects of life, Matangi remains linked strangely to the opposite, representing things like inauspiciousness and impurity.

This aspect is highlighted in the most common of her forms, called Ucchishta Matangi, who carries a sword, goad, club and a noose in her hands. Ucchishta actually means partially eaten and leftover food, which stands for pollution. This Goddess is actually offered stale food with the left hand, which is considered impure. She is also known as Chandalini, the Goddess of Chandals, the lower castes. However, in her well known form of Raja Matangi, she remains a royalty, seated on a throne, holding a parrot and playing veena.

Matangi is the divine Mother form of Vashikaran (Controlling mind), Akarshana (Attraction) and Sammohana (Lust) powers. She is also called as “Shymala”, “Raja Shymala” and “Ucchista Chandali”. She is the minister for “Sri Lalitha Para Batarika Maha Tripura Sundari Devi”.

What are the benefits of worshipping Matangi?

Worshipping Matangi will help the devotees to get an attractive and magnetic personality, sound articulation, and mastery over knowledge and skills. They can also influence others and gain control over enemies. Her blessings can offer protection against many impediments like, negative energies, marital discord, poor studies and career, memory loss, stammering and Sun’s malefic effects.

Matangi is the Hindu Goddess of Inner Thought and Wisdom. This means she oversees the spoken word as she mystically presides over the more mystic inner kind of knowledge. Matangi is the ninth among the Dasa Maha Vidyas and is their doorkeeper but she is a primary form as the all powerful Goddess. As the highest truth, she is not bound by caste regulations or rules. She is described as the Dark One, a form of Saraswathi, incarnated as the daughter of Matang Rishi, a chandal who resisted the caste system and achieved brahimhood through karma. She worshiped Indra and later Goddess Saraswathi and became his daughter. In the mythic cycle of Daksha yajna, she appears as a manifestation of Sati, wife of Lord Siva and the Daksha’s daughter.

Goddess Matangi is associated with the full moon, the ‘night of intoxication.’ The Mahavidyas represent some or other manifestation of the Divine Mother. They are in this sense also to be regarded as Vidyas or different approaches to tantric knowledge. Matangi resides in the Throat Chakra and radiant like the moon. This is the centre of speech. She is the manifest form of song, and the vibratory sound, Nada, that flows in the subtle channels, ‘nadis’, down through our entire body and mind. There is a special ‘nadi’ or channel that runs from the Third Eye to the tip of the tongue, which relates to Her. This is the stream of inspiration from the mind to its expression via speech. Matangi represents the flow of Bliss through this channel, which is experienced by the creators of great literary, poetic and other artistic work, resulting in brilliant expressions of creativity.

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